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Bad / Broken Tunes CGSC
in SOASC= BUGS | Sunday, July 16, 2017 | 16:30

The following tunes didn't play any notes, or has messed up / broken playback, weird notes etc.

Most of these bugs are well known and documented already in the "00_Documents/" folder of the CGSC collection. The following tunes are therefore ignored during recording and will not be recorded until it appears as a good version.

As noted in the "00_Documents/cg_sids.txt", there are several known occurences of bad tunes.

_(BAD) - Tune plays but sounds funny after a while.
_(SHORT) - Tune plays but stops after a while.
_(NON) - Tune does not play any sounds at all.

NOTE: These are marked BAD, SHORT or NON only if they do not play on *all* music players.

The following was based on CGSC #133.

(BAD) Tunes:
- Coyote/Hush_(BAD).mus
- DC_Starr/Against_the_Grain_(BAD).mus
- Misc/H/Dee_(BAD).mus
- Misc/L/The_Heat_is_On_(BAD).mus
- Roth_Ladoad/SID_Pickins_(BAD).mus

(SHORT) Tunes:
None detected.

(NON) Tunes:
None detected.

Detected by SOASC= ROTS project:
- Misc/Anon_Blank/Flute_Set.mus
= Does not play any notes or sound

- Misc/Anon_Blank/Piano.mus
= Does not play any notes or sound

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