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1st automation of recording done!
in All about SOASC= | Monday, August 31, 2015 | 19:04

Finally, we can put some numbers, facts and pictures on the table!

Today, just minutes ago, we finalized the initial automated recording process for MOS6581R4 PAL covering all new and fixed tunes as they appears from HVSC#50 to the latest #63!

Amount of files checked out 44722 pcs of both FLAC and MP3 recordings.
FLAC collection has currently a size of 282MB and MP3 with 143MB.

But, as always, some tunes are cranky during the loop and must be recorded manually by other means, like loading from MMC64, chopping RSID files header with 124 bytes and many other solutions to get them to play something :-).

Normally, large tunes are the ones to break first, as they cannot fit into the C64 memory, especially if they are even compressed with EXOMIZER.

The hardware hasn't been listed yet, but I can tell you that both MMC64 (with custom autoboot) and SD2IEC plays a big role in the ROTS project.

When the current chip MOS6581R4 PAL has been checked out, we will simply proceed to R2, R3 and finally R5. When all the PAL versions have been checked out, we will process the NTSC specific tunes on NTSC hardware allover again for all chips. NTSC tunes are much much less in amount, so that should go quick.

We can also tell you that the current MOS6581R4 PAL recording loop has been running since April 19th 2015, non-stop, 24/7/7 days a week with minimal of re-tries and issues. The current recording system are the most stable ever!

So, we can estimate about 4.5-5 months pr. PAL chip. Multiply this by 4 chips, and we can easily figure out that we are about 25% into the complete recording project. It will be released in FULL during next year, or at the end of next year, thats 2016!

Yeah, seems a long time to wait, but that's how much music is available so we all better saddle up and ride the dream for a bit while longer.

Well, there it is!

The new ROTS recording setup. This time, it only takes about 0.5 cubic meter of space as we only have 1 pcs of C64 recording (unlike previous systems, which had 2 running at the same time with different chips).

Note that the huge widescreen CRT at the floor is not part of the setup, it function basically just as a table for now!

The actual video from C64 is turned off during recording, but it's running through an old Composite to VGA converter into an old crappy TFT screen, so I can see atleast something visual from the C64 when needed :-)

Brand stock Commodore 64 with a MOS6581R4 PAL chip put together with a MMC64 (with autoboot) that loads a special Joystick loader I created from the SD2IEC and finally the actual PSID64 PRG loaded also off the SD2IEC.

Loading LED and RESET of the SD2IEC is connected to the recording PC's Relay card :-)

Here is the interface between 2 joystick ports, LOADING LED and RESET stuck into a PCI Relay Card (Advantech, PCI-1762).

The recording PC is running Windows XP, with 1GB of ram, a Delta Audiophile 2496 soundcard. The PC itself are a crappy old DELL with a P4 processor and has only 2 PCI slots - all filled up by me as both the Relay Card and 2496 are luckily PCI.

Notice the two joysticks ports are occupied. This is used to type in numbers from 0-9, in order to load an unique .PRG file :-)

As before, my sid prg files are simply named 0004002.PRG, prefixed into 8 numbers, where the first 4 are unique sidfile, and the last 4 are unique subtune of the same sidfile.

I created a small basic program to listen to joystick movements, up, left, down, up and fire, to get exactly 10 different numbers. When the string is added up to 8 chars, the SID file will be loaded automatically and run automatically (thanks to some clever keyboard buffer pokes of RUN + RETURN already).

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