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Return Of The SOASC= (ROTS) 2015
in All about SOASC= | Thursday, August 20, 2015 | 00:57

6.4 years has passed since the original SOASC= Project was closed down on 13 April 2009. In fact, the idea behind SOASC= could potentionally be traced back even 10 years, as the initial recording project started on 24th of August 2006.

We (the SOASC= Team) can hereby totally confirm with the upmost certainty that HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection) starting from #50 and up to #63 and beyond will be recorded on real hardware once again - just as the legendary SOASC= once did.

We'll bring the highlights of the current ongoing project which secretly started in January 2015 (with strange posts on this website of the ROTS logo and nothing more) in the time ahead.

Since January 2015, tools, databases, hardware and new solutions have been worked on for new automation, as well as soon finalizing the first recording batch of MOS6581R4 chip for all new and modified SID tunes as they were seen in the release packs from #50 until the current #63.

Yeah, we counted about 51418 SID files for recording since HVSC #49 and we're soon there within the next week for MOS6581R4!

You know, release #64 is around the corner, I'll suspect a Christmas release, and perfectly this release should align with our released material around that time or shortly after, to once again into eternity pull off new recordings and updates as it goes and comes along.

Not only those news, but we'll bring in another chip revision R3 for recording and the ultimate pre-christmas gift of all times; FLAC recordings will be available next to regular MP3 recordings!

Keep this frequency clear, more to come!

- and hey, we don't need to go Kickstarter style to get going, now how is that for a twist for todays lazy yuppies. HAH!

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