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HVSC #70 - All recordings finished!
in All about SOASC= | Saturday, April 20, 2019 | 16:13

Since its release in December (HVSC), the ROTS successfully completes recording of those tunes that where found to be fixes or new in that release just today!

That means all 4 chips - MOS6581R2,R3,R4 and CSG8580R5 + PAL and NTSC where appropriate.

The reason for slow progress is the fact that my recording system is located 1 hour drive away and is only attended to in weekends. Further, a lot of NTSC BASIC tunes cause an immense headache as they didn't play automatically as intended. Finally those where manually recorded with various tricks on real hardware.

Statistics for HVSC#70:
FLAC: 8852 files, 55.7GB
MP3: 8852 files, 28.0GB

April's update of everything is therefore: 83.7GB - 17704 files added to the "Return Of The SOASC= (ROTS) project!

MITE Bug Report system was also updated with HVSC #70 FLAC/MP3 recordings+data.

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