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M!TE - SOASC=/SOAMC= Bug Reporting System ONLINE and RELEASED!
in All about SOASC= | Tuesday, February 12, 2019 | 23:39

With its fancy name of "M!TE - Visual Audio Bug Reporting" by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

All the way back in October 2017 I sneak previewed a new system that should allow listeners of SOASC= and SOAMC= MP3/FLAC recordings to finally be able to report back bugs they might have found in the massive amount of recordings we have done since 2006!

The system is programmed for web in SpiderBasic, along using the "waveform-playlist" .js suite (although trimmed down to bare minimum to keep speed and functions to what is needed).

The requirements is at least a HTML5 compatible browser as everything will be done on a single page website.

The goal and aim for the system is to let users really work to report possible bugs in the recordings. No more "there's a cut section, or a garbled sound at xx:xx" in tune "xxxxxx" type of boring email/forum/god forbid FaceBookCrap scenario report.

This time, YOU must work and prove to us where exactly the bug is located, where it is and how it sounds by using our "M!TE" online tool!

So, get your eyes and ears ready. You'll be seeing waveform displays until you drop to sleep from the day of its release, haha!

How to access M!TE ?

There are two ways:

1: Manually selection of archive and recording type, then drop a file, checksum is generated, then drop same file again and if match in database, you are allowed to mark and report a bug. You can do so via:

2: Via the new (in development) minimalistic reboot of the search engine online. Release date yet unknown, but basically its a search system where you can click a single button on the file, then upload the file and start reporting.

You may also access the bug reports we have entered so far (16 Feb 2019) by visiting:

Why is it called M!TE ?

"Mite" derives from the word Termite (nasty buggers) = hence "bugs". The upside down "!" can be viewed as a bug in itself as clearly the letter should be "i". Thats it, nothing more to it really, and it just looks cool :-)

M!TE system currently supports:

- SOASC= Original (HVSC #49, that means the FULL HVSC version of 49, thus including HVSC 01-49).
- SOASC= ROTS (HVSC #50 to #69, and CGSC #133-136).
- SOAMC= #000 (The entire current recordings for Amiga).

Additionally when datafiles are available for newer HVSC, CGSC and new data from the SOAMC= ENDGAME project they will be added when ready!

The official logo from October 2017

How M!TE will look when you are reporting a bug!

Preview of experimental javascript only NEW search engine!

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