Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection (SOASC=)
The automated Commodore 64 SID Music recorded to MP3/FLAC. Project based on High Voltage SID Collection & Compute's Gazette SID (CGSC)


T H E   R E A L   D E A L   I N    - A U T H E N T I C -    C O M M O D O R E   6 4   M U S I C  !

Sneak preview of "M!TE"
in All about SOASC= | Wednesday, October 11, 2017 | 01:21

As mentioned on 7th October, I was working on ideas for a bug-reporting system for SOASC= and here is an progress of this work of what it would look like!

The system is programmed for web in SpiderBasic, along using the "waveform-playlist" .js suite (although trimmed down to bare minimum to keep speed and functions to what is needed).

The requirements is at least a HTML5 compatible browser as everything will be done on a single page website.

The goal and aim for the system is to let users really work to report possible bugs in the recordings. No more "there's a cut section, or a garbled sound at xx:xx" in tune "xxxxxx" type of boring email/forum/god forbid FaceBookCrap scenario report.

This time, YOU must work and prove to us where exactly the bug is located, where it is and how it sounds by using our "M!TE" online tool!

So, get your eyes and ears ready. You'll be seeing waveform displays until you drop to sleep from the day of its release, haha!

The M!TE system will support:
- SOASC= Original (HVSC #49, that means the FULL HVSC version of 49, thus including HVSC 01-49).
- SOASC= ROTS (HVSC #50 and up, and CGSC #133 and up).
- SOAMC= #000 (The entire current recordings for Amiga).

Update 18 October 2017: A small preview of the log. There will be no interraction planned, only the last cell "Status" will either be "Queue" or "Solved".

If solved, it means the tune was re-recorded and bug gone :-)

It seems the system is ready for release, but first our online database must conform to the latest ROTS recordings and this system, that might take a while since I'm not the one programming that!

Just folllow for updates regulary.

Final preview 15 October 2017. Bug reporting works and pretty much everything else planned in in place! Whooho!

Next is to create a tabled list system to review all bugs posted, these will be made officially so everybody can check bugs reported and bug resolved.

I have a couple of minor tweaks to the system, but we should see the final release most likeley in this month!

Updated 15 October 2017:
Finalized pretty much everything, only submit bug report left + probably more to come.

Release date of the system is expected to occur within October 2017!

Revised design after a couple of days of coding this web online system. Posted on 14 October 2017.

First quick 2 hour setup and learning how to manipulate "waveform-playlist" javascript. Done on 11 October 2017.

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