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Preliminary Statistics for ROTS!
in All about SOASC= | Tuesday, September 08, 2015 | 18:37

Based on the tunes found in each separate update from HVSC #50 until the current HVSC #64 the following statistics are hereby presented.

The ROTS project will record every HVSC release on its own. That means both the NEW and FIX directories that contain SID tunes are put into recording queue. Not only that, but also every SID file that are modified will be recorded, even if the change was simply a small typo in the credits for previous releases.

Basically we can say that everything UPDATE.EXE "touches" in the previous release of HVSC will be put into recording queue, even if the SID file in question didn't belong to either of the "FIX" and "NEW" directories for a specific HVSC release pack. We'd call that a bonus :-)

However, my detection routines will *NOT* capture any copyfile or movefile operation as there is nothing to detect on the file itself (just that it was moved around, possible renamed or deleted even) as their UPDATE.HVS file is sometimes hard to interpret where a file eventually end up. This might cause for some update release packs holes to appear for a previous release.

In any event, we could most likely rest assured that whatever SID file emerges as part of NEW or FIX will be recorded, allthough the database credits and such may not be 100% up-2-date. It's too early to say if it has any specific meaning at all, we just have to review it at a later date (possibly early 2017).

Statistics for HVSC #50 to #64 - as detected by my tools
SID Files: 34531
Amount of tune recordings incl. subtunes: 54498
PAL Specific SID Tunes: 47209
NTSC Specific SID Tunes: 7289
Total Minutes: 95057
Total Hours: 1577
Total Days: 58

Total Statistics for HVSC #50 to #64 - Complete stats for all 4 SID chips!
Amount of tune recordings incl. subtunes: 217992
PAL Specific SID Tunes: 188836
NTSC Specific SID Tunes: 29156
Total Minutes: 380228
Total Hours: 6308
Total Days: 232

That simply means if you listen to all tunes recorded (when ROTS has finished) and you listen to MOS6581R2, R3, R4 and CSG8580R5 you get 220 days of 24/7 running and played music :-)

The disk space needed are not possible to calculate yet, but quick estimate:
600GB for all MP3 Recordings (all 4 chips).
1160GB (1.1TB) for all FLAC Recordings (all 4 chips).

A whopping total of: 1760GB (or 1.7TB). Which, by the way, is almost 3 times as large as the original SOASC= archive when it ended in 2009 that contained the full version of HVSC #49.

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