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Compared MOS6581R4 / MOS6581R2
in All about SOASC= | Sunday, September 06, 2015 | 17:19

Presented here are a typical example of the original SOASC= R4 chip that was known to have a very strong filter or muffled sound versus the newly added real MOS6581R2 chip of the ROTS recordings, which seems to sound a whole lot better, crispy and with refined details!

As you may know already, the MOS6581R2 was presented in the original SOASC= recordings for the full and complete HVSC #49, but later studies showed it was actually an R3 chip instead.

So, here you go. Both a visual and audible version straight from real hardware and the current ongoing ROTS (Return Of The SOASC=) project!

Track used for the comparision was randomly chosen and came from:
HVSC#50: MUSICIANS\0-9\20CC\Greystorm.sid (Track 04).

Spectral View of the MOS6581R2 Recording.

Spectral View of the MOS6581R4 Recording.

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