Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection (SOASC=)
The automated Commodore 64 SID Music recorded to MP3/FLAC. Project based on High Voltage SID Collection & Compute's Gazette SID (CGSC)


T H E   R E A L   D E A L   I N    - A U T H E N T I C -    C O M M O D O R E   6 4   M U S I C  !

History SOASC= 2006 to present
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From start of project to the actual recording loop began, I worked 100% of my available spare time on this project.

July 09 2022 @ 21:33
Return Of The SOASC= (ROTS) project and the original SOASC= has now reached its final destination. No more recordings will be performed. The project is over. HVSC #77 and CGSC #143 was the last recording batches to be performed.

August 11 2017 @ 00:55
Return Of The SOASC= (ROTS) project that started almost 2.5 years ago comes to its end covering all tunes from HVSC #50 until #67, including CGSC #133 collection. MP3 and FLAC files were produced.

August 20 2015 @ 00:57
Out of the totally nowhere, we made it public that SOASC= is once again recording with the secret mission already started in January 2015 (or even earlier) to gather new hardware, new solutions, better automation and the most important of all, continue where we left off 6.4 years earlier - to record all updates from HVSC #50 and upto the current #63 with future updates coming along as HVSC releases them. To add more into the insanity of this project, we included all available tunes from CGSC collection as well!. New bonus features are FLAC recordings next to regular standardized SOASC= MP3 recordings. Now thats a fact!

January 14 2015 @ 15:56
Return Of The SOASC= (ROTS) project was secretly posted onto our website, no details, no numbers, only Commodore 64 keys spelling out "R O T S". We're back big time and we have surprises a foot!

October 02 2009 @ 23:58
Released new version of the search engine database online. Further, during October all MP3 files will be mirrored by on a fast bandwidth connection. We're back stronger and better.

April 13 2009 @ 05:21
HVSC#49 update was recorded for all 3 chips (PAL/NTSC) and added to collection including all known bugs. Now over 154700 MP3 files! Also, this is the last ever recording done for the SOASC= project. The time has come to close the lid on this massive project lasting for 2.5 years. Commodroid has been debriefed and dismantled :-)

June 13 2008 @ 03:51
HVSC#48 update was recorded for all 3 chips and added to collection. Now over 150700 MP3 files!

Wednesday 30 Jan 2008 @ 22:10
We are back online with own server and a much higher bandwidth. An epic legend in SID insanity is BORN! Greets to all the people who managed to wait so long for this moment!

Wednesday 26 Dec 2007 @ 23:53
All known buggy files has been fixed for the MOS6581R2, MOS6581R4 and CSG8580R5 recordings! Database checks out 100%. Houston, we do NOT have any more problems! The eagle is landed! SOASC= collection is FINALLY ready for launch! SALUT!

Friday 21 Dec 2007 @ 13:22
Recording was finished for the MOS6581R2 chip too. Entire HVSC now as MP3! I was personally around when the last seconds was recorded, and the joy of seeing it finalize just was a kicker!

Sunday 09 Sep 2007 @ 19:20
Recording has officially begun for the MOS6581R2 (2383) chip too. Yep, the entire HVSC collection will be recorded. Thats 48483 MP3 files!

Saturday 08 Sep 2007 @ 20:40
The HVSC#47 update was recorded perfectly on my brand new dedicated recording cabinet.

Tuesday 14 Aug 2007 @ 18:33
All hosting solutions was terminated due to untrustworthy hosting companies in the US (Land of the Fake). All MP3 files online was deleted.

Wednesday 21 Mar 2007 @ 18:33
All files available online. A milestone!

Saturday 17 Mar 2007 @ 06:47
Game Over, man, Game Over! Recording was totally finished and verified against the "songlengths.txt". All files accounted for! Final results became: 97755 files @ 300GB for both the SID6581 and SID8580 chips based on HVSC #46.

First file to be recorded: "MUSICIANS\N\Nilsen_Ronny Arcane_Rituals_T01.sid.mp3" - 19 Nov 2007 @ 02:46
Last file to be recorded: "MUSICIANS\B\Blidon_Jens\Sprite_Writer_T07.sid.mp3" - 17 Mar 2007 @ 06:47

Tuesday 13 Mar 2007 @ 03:10
Recording was finished for the SID8580 chip. Entire HVSC#45 now as MP3. HVSC#46 was the next morning after added to the new recording queue, (1500+ files).

Sunday 11 Mar 2007 @ 23:55
Recording was finished for the SID6581 chip. Entire HVSC#45 now as MP3. HVSC#46 was just minutes after added to the new recording queue, (1500+ files).

Monday 20 Nov 2006 @ 01:03
Recording has RE-started for both the SID6581 and the SID8580 chip! Now they will be as noise free as I could possible achieve without going too far beyond what a standard C64 is made of! Initial recording was aborted after 9500 tunes, just because the SOASC= crew noticed some errors and also based on feedback from test users! From this date the SOASC= project will pump out approx 1000 of tunes each 24 hour session.

Sunday 19 Nov 2006 @ 17:20
Project aborted completely. A number of fixes had to be made, electronically, physically and on the software. There are SO MANY factors involved in this project! By this date, the SOASC= project had recorded approx 9500 tunes automatically. All is now deleted, and the project will be restarted later this evening. It has to be perfect!

Friday 27 Oct 2006 @ 17:03
Recording has started for the SID8580 chip!

Wednesday 12 Oct 2006 @ 20:30
Misc minor software and SID research/Commodore 64 grounding problems solved. Also more SIDs (PRG) were detected with errors and removed from initial recording setup.

Friday 06 Oct 2006 @ 01:30
Record booth set up and ready to start recording. Now searhing for working Commodore 64.

Saturday 30 Sep 2006 @ 21:30
SID Recorder software finished programming, tested and found working 100%

Friday 29 Sep 2006 @ 22:51
Relay PAR card to C64 keyboard hookup working 100%

Wednesday 26 Sep 2006 @ 23:00
ServerPC's and RECPC's configuration / database installment completed.

Saturday 16 Sep 2006 @ 18:30
Database structure finalized. Over 200000 files created. 3-4 tools programmed.

Sunday 10 Sep 2006 @ 17:23
First test of manual recording/setup from Real C64 with 64HDD as Server. 4 PC's built and setup for project.

Wednesday 24 Aug 2006 @ 20:45
Project idea came to life and was instantly started.

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