Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection (SOASC=)
The automated Commodore 64 SID Music converted to MP3 recordings. Download now!. Project based on High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) up to release #49.


T H E   R E A L   D E A L   I N    - A U T H E N T I C -    C O M M O D O R E   6 4   M U S I C  !

MP3 Archive (154473* files) of music recorded from real unmodified Commodore 64's hardware (6581R2, 6581R4 & 8580R5)
All Commodore 64 MP3 files can be downloaded, click here ->  
*Note that this number includes 3 types of chip recordings. Actual unique recordings are 51491 MP3 files.

1 November 2014 - 100% up and running again!
An astronomical thanks to and for both contacting us during
our time in need and by mirroring not only the SOASC= recordings, but also the SOAMC=
(Amiga Recordings) from this date. The previous mirrors are still in-the-loop, but has been
deactivated for now until progress has been made in those ends.

13 September 2014 - Severe connection and mirror issues !!
We have noticed throughout 2014, especially during the recent months, that our server and the mirrored files has
been unstable, unavailable, unaccessible from time to time, and most importantly - "the missing files" :-(

We have received good news from a major helping hand, on 12th of September 2014, that would seem to be the final conclusion
and end all matters of unavailable files and accessing the search engine.

Stay tuned for further updates on this as we are only in the early planning stages. All we can say is that the work done
for creating the SOASC= project shall not be in vain anymore and shall be preserved for all times - as a legend should!

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